Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, and why the name LIZ?
A: My name is Jieli, born and raised in Perlis. Liz is a name combining my name and my mom’s. Fun fact : it was actually a name suggested by my dad! We were brainstorming to create our page to promote a healthier lifestyle with a clean eating diet and easy workout exercises. 


Basi Pilates

Q: When did you first realise you wanted to get into the athleisure space?
A: Back in 2020, when global lockdown took place, I went home to Perlis to stay with my parents. They made me realized how vital movements are in life to prevent pain in daily movements when we age. I tried to encourage my parents to move more, using what I’ve learnt from BASI pilates (I’m an eager practitioner although I have not been certified yet). Mom and I have been looking for practical and cute workout wear but we couldn’t really find one that checks all the boxes and fits the bill. That’s when I got the idea of starting our own line of athleisure wear. We want to bring in affordable premium workout/leisure wear so that more people can enjoy them and be inspired to move more. 


Q: What do you do when you’re not working?
A: Aside from Pilates, most of my time is spent on playing piano, reading and making arts. Time passes by in a wink when I’m indulged in these activities.


Q: What was your favourite sport in your younger days?
A: I was quite bookish and did not really get into any kind of sports back then. The closest thing to sports back in high school was representing our school in a 4x4 800m sprint (because no one wanted to do it. Haha!) We were quite inexperienced and were being trained for a few months for endurance under the hot sun. Although we did not win, it has been a wonderful lesson to me. Those were the moments where I realized I’m capable of doing something completely out of my comfort zone if I am committed to put myself through it.


Q: What does your current exercise routine look like?
A: When I’m not traveling, I have a fixed time to workout everyday from 1730 to 1830. I practice Pilates mat workout most of the days and have cardio exercise once a week. 

Q: What is your current favourite meal and if you don’t mind, can you share the recipe with us?
A: Breakfast is the meal that I look forward to the most! Recently mom and I have just learnt how to make our own nut butter and they taste so good with our homemade wholewheat toasts. Our current favourite nut butter is walnut butter naturally sweetened with red dates. Roast 250g of walnut in the oven at 160c for 10-15 mins, blend it and add in 5-6 pieces of pitted red dates, and a pinch of salt. We usually have it on toast with berries or bananas as toppings. Our breakfast is usually accompanied by dad’s filtered coffee. It’s simply the best way to kickstart a day.