Our Story

Athleisurewear that empowers movement and mindfulness.

In today’s athleisure scene, it’s more than aesthetics — it’s an athletic lifestyle that drives us to be in our best shape. Liz Athleisure is all about transforming lifestyles that connects the body, mind, athleticism and leisure.

Move for a better you.

We all know a healthy lifestyle is crucial, but often we fail to act upon it. This is where Liz steps in to empower movement and mindfulness, to help you be comfortable and confident with yourself.

Understanding change can be difficult, Liz is here to help get you started on the journey to wellness, one stretch at a time.

Balance is the new black.

Whether it's a walk in the park with your favourite furry friend, running a full marathon or keeping up with a well-planned diet, we believe balance is the golden key to a healthy lifestyle.

Performance & Comfort-centric Design.

Tailored for an active lifestyle, our activewear is designed with a keen intention to enhance performance while keeping you cozy all along.