Liz Athleisure's Ultimate Aim is To Make Premium Sports Leggings and Activewear Accessible to All Women in Malaysia 

Being sport enthusiasts ourselves, we know just how hard it is to get a pair of  leggings that fit well. This, is the exact reason why we started Liz Athleisure. Not only wanting to bring great quality leggings to the women in Malaysia, we want you to have an activewear that you would actually wear for multiple functions, for instance yoga, gym, weightlifting, rope skipping, climbing, HIIT, pilates and many more workout activities. 

Tailored to suit different occasions, Liz Athleisure leggings are design with practicality, support and comfort in mind. Covering from medium to high intensity, we offer multiple types of leggings such as soft leggings, seamless leggings and sculpted leggings, just to name a few. Some of our leggings are also fitted with pockets, so that the safety of your prized possessions can be rest assured during a gym outing.

Flexible in approach, our leggings are made with premium fabric, cooling and stretchable, making it the go-to choice for not only workouts but also a casual day out with friends.

Ready to #MoveWithLiz? Our leggings are ready when you are!