Characteristics of Sports Bra to Take Note Before Purchasing

We are back again for part 2 of choosing the right sports bra for your daily active wear and comfort. No doubt, there are a lot of designs out on the sports bra market, here are a few features of a sports bra that you should take note of. 

  1. Straps 

There are 3 types of straps to consider:

  • Crisscross 
  • The Crisscross is a popular design right now due to its eye-catching style that can work as a fashion statement itself. These straps usually provide low to medium support.

  • Tank Top
  • These kinds of designs work like an everyday bra. The straps are often adjustable to provide more support and versatility. 

  • Racerback 
  • The Racerback straps are the classic Y-shaped straps that snug on your shoulder blades while wearing them. They provide medium to high support and allow more freedom in movement. Some people may not like this design because the straps put too much pressure on the neck and trapezoids. 

    2. Bands

    Some sports bra bands come with clasp at the back in which you could further customise your fit. 

    3. Material 

    Make sure to choose cool, sweat wicking fabric to keep you comfortable. 

    4. Wire

    Some sports bras come with underwire to provide even more support. The underwires are great for those with larger cup sizes as they minimise movement of the breasts. Do note that underwires may be uncomfortable for some people and over time, wires might protrude out of the sports bra which may cause discomfort.    

    Hey! We hope you now understand more about the design and the characteristics of your sports bra. At the end of the day, comfort and functionality triumphs fashion style. 

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