Choosing the Amount of Support You Need 

Previously we have discussed about determining the correct sized bra and the characteristics that you should take note before buying your new sports bra. In case you've missed it, here's where you can catch up 

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2) Choosing The Right Sports Bra For You: Characteristics of Bra  

Today, we are looking at the types of support that a sports bra may offer. Sports bras have 3 types of support: Encapsulation, compression, and a combination of both.

1) Encapsulation 

These types of bras use individual cups to support and cover the breasts. They provide low-impact support. They are usually found in everyday bras. 

2) Compression 

These types of bras are the typical, pull over bras that you would find when browsing for a sports bra. They are the kind that gives you that “flat-chested” look due to it compressing the breasts against the chest wall to restrict excessive movement. Compression bras that are non-adjustable are suitable for low to medium impact activities especially for those who have a smaller cup size (A-B) cup. For those with a larger cup size, (C and above) compression bras should have adjustable straps for proper fit and better support.

3) Combination (Encapsulation + Compression) 

Many major brands carry these types of sports bras to provide support and comfort. These bras come with more support than encapsulation and compression bras because they support the breasts individually while pressing them against the chest wall. These bras are excellent for any activity no matter the cup size. If they come with adjustable bands and straps, they are a plus point for high intensity workouts.  

Well Done! With the knowledge you have about correct clothing, you are now one step further into starting your movement journey. Ready to browse some of your favourites? Click Here